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Welcome to Speed To Enhance Performance Academy (S.T.E.P. Academy)! We are the premier speed, agility, and conditioning instructional training program in greater San Diego County. What makes S.T.E.P. Academy better than the rest? You will train with professional certified speed coaches educated in the latest training methods, to push you to but, not beyond your potential.

S.T.E.P Academy™ LLC (Speed To Enhance Performance) training facility offers dynamic physical and mental fitness training for speed, agility, and movement mechanics. S.T.E.P Academy™ training programs are for athletes of any age, skill, or fitness level. Formed in 2010 as a speed instruction school in San Diego California, Coach Rodney Williams began the academy as a mission of faith to motivate young athletes and assist the youth in reaching their athletic performance goals.

S.T.E.P Academy™ has unique and innovative methods of training athletes’ male or female, young and old at all levels that will make the S.T.E.P.S Academy™ program one of the best in the industry.
Our programs are also designed for youth, high school, college and professional athletes looking to increase their competitive edge.


Coach Rodney Williams
Rodney Williams served 6 years as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps as a from
1986 – 1992. Rod became an exceptional student athlete while attending Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. Rod received
B.S degree in Accounting during his collegiate tenure. Rod also accomplished becoming a 4 year letterman in Track & Field and 2 year letterman in Football. 

With over 20 years of coaching experience in Track and Field and Football at all levels Rod created his athletics training company S.T.E.P Academy (Speed To Enhance Performance) to actively train youth and adult athletes. S.T.E.P Academy’s training regime was built by Rod to increase athletes speed, agility, muscle memory and conditioning in various sports.  

As a certified instructor trained by United States of America Track and Field Association (USATF), Rod as the co-head coach of Scripps Ranch High School Track Team  have won 6 consecutive Eastern League Division Championships.

Rods accolades go beyond athletics he is a very accomplished mentor, and friend to numerous individuals that he has encountered throughout his career.

Brian Moore
Brian is an instructor and business manager for S.T.E.P. Academy. He is certified and trained by United States of America Track and Field (USTAF) at the Level One track and field coach training. Brian has many years of experience as a youth and high school football and track and field coach. He has trained youth athletes in speed improvement, physical conditioning, strength and endurance, in various sports disciplines. He has three years of college football experience where he played NCAA Division II.

Management Background
Brian has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a graduate of human resources degree. He has 20+ years of business management experience in corporate, private, and non-profit industry. Brian has served as a board of director for various organizations in San Diego County. He is responsible for the business operations of STEP Academy.