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S.T.E.P. Academy offers dynamic training programs for every athlete regardless of age, skill level, or fitness. Our programs are designed for youth, high school, college and professional athletes looking to increase their competitive edge. Training sessions are always conducted in small groups for optimal instruction.

“It takes less time to teach an athlete to run correctly than the time it does to fix bad habits.” –Coach Rod

S.T.E.P Team Training
Tailored sport specific programs for pro, college, youth, travel, club, and recreational teams. This program is designed to give teams a challenging workout focused on body movement, muscle memory, sprint mechanics, CORE strength and speed enhancement. Our well trained coaches educate and motivate team to excel athletically in a short period of time.

Mechanics of Motion Training (MoM)
MoM is the evaluation of the 7 points of motion as an athlete performs in his or her sport. During a 7 week training cycle each phase of the 7 points of motion is focused on.

In the 8th week comprehensive instruction is given to merge all 7 phases to enhance an athlete’s overall mechanics on motion.
After this 2 month training an athlete will see increases in speed, agility, cardiovascular fitness and overall athleticism.

S.T.E.P Training
A structured conditioning program that will improve the athlete’s speed, agility, CORE strength, and cardiovascular fitness through a dynamic warm-up and sprint mechanics instruction. Trainings are designed according to the athlete’s consultation and analysis evaluation conducted prior to starting the program.

Is our primary instruction program designed for pre-school and youth kids ages 8-14 years old. Our program teaches the basics of sprint mechanics, balance, coordination, and some strength training to build a foundation giving them the ability and confidence before participating in their first sport. Our coaches offer participants patient instruction and positive encouragement during each session. Parents will be amazed at the metamorphosis of their young athlete at the completion of the program as they gain confidence in their skill level and ability.

S.T.E.P Outreach Program
Our outreach program offer mentoring ministry for youth ages 5-18. This non denominational faith based program coordinated by S.T.E.P. Academy with a number of local ministers, educators, and coaches. It is designed for at risk youth competing in sports. It focuses on the spiritual path of athletes and sports teams interested in exploring the positive effect of faith in sports.

Healthy STEPS
Track training workouts to help combat the fight on childhood obesity. Through activity and recommendations for healthier eating habits STEP is committed to helping fight the obesity crisis which is harming our youth.

VertiMax Sports Specific Training